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The International Conference for Sustainable Resource Society is a multi-disciplinary conference focused on challenges of sustainability transitions in society, environmental change, and sustainable use of natural resources. ICS24 is organized around five working groups: bio society, climate, water, energy & minerals, and circular economy and sustainable society. ICS24 is jointly organized by a consortium of University of Eastern Finland Research Communities: RESOURCE, FOBI, WATER, CLEHE, and PHOTONICS.

ICS24 offers a platform for researchers from all fields of science to share research insights and discuss the complex global and local challenges on sustainability transitions, the use of natural resources, environmental and climate change, and circular economy themes from a broad perspective, or those themes which are related to the conference theme.

The conference will be organized as a hybrid event. The on-site event will held at the Kuopio campus of the University of Eastern Finland. The online event details will be shared at a later date.